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The Liberator

I was wandering around and thinking about what new thing have I seen that could spice things up I wasn’t really thinking along the lines of anything specific but I wanted to try something new. I happened to see a ad for a little piece of furniture called the Liberator.

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Best Ever


The jimmy jane Form 2 waterproof vibrator.icon

So when I first saw this thing I was a little confused by it. The two ears seem made for some weird intent and I was unsure about it. So after looking online and watching the above video I tried one out. OMG. really? wow. Okay so I get it now and I am glad i did. I am a mostly outside stimulation girl so this thing with the two motors kinda blew my mind. I used it in the bath one peaceful Saturday afternoon and well it was the best bath I have had in quite a while. Totally waterproof and wireless and I am still not sure how to put it into words. I also had the fortune to use it with my guy and I think he kinda liked it too. Direct powerful vibration and with two motors that are positionable I keep this one charged and ready.

Pleasure Rings

The much more fun kind of ring

When it comes to finding what works for you sometimes a little experimentation is in order. So to that end I took a look at cock rings and vibrating cock rings just to see if that is something that adds to the bedroom. Read the rest of this entry »

Purchasing your first toy

When you are first starting to look for a toy for the bedroom a few things need to be taken into account.
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